The kingasterisk technology provides Unlimited VoIP calling plans for call center,minimal capital investment,great reliability and stability.
Kingasterisk technology develops and manufactures sophisticated communication solutions, such as digital telephone recorders, digital audio recorders, professional answering equipment, network fax servers and voice recorders.

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Sound Box Dialer offers a call center web based application which can help you to increase your productivity, It will give portabilities to your agents and people who can perform smarter and faster way in your teams.
SMS Broadcast can be done to single mobile no. / Multiple Mobile Nos. through a form which will have display of Mobile Nos. of Contacts through extensive search facilities. Contacts can be seen Group wise also.
Kingasterisk IVR (Interactive Voice Response) integrates self-service applications & agent-assisted transactions for a greater customer IVR experience. - Kingasterisk in United Kingdom
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